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Image of Commemorative - 2015.021.01

Commemorative - 2015.021.01

Shovel, purchased at Menard's (sticker is still on back of blade), made in Mexico, and used at the commemorative ground-breadking ceremony for Poage Park, in La Crosse, WI. Blue letters stencilled along handle state: "Poage Park ground breaking, June 19, 2015." Wooden handle is very light colored, probably pine, digging blade is steel with a black finish.

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Image of Container, Medicine - 2011.fic.298

Container, Medicine - 2011.fic.298

Wooden cabinet with green metal door. Interior has numbered drawers with little black knobs. Drawer numbers correspond to list of ailments and remedies on front of door. Many of the drawers still contain original packages of medication: paper boxes, wit labels specifying the Humphrey's # and ailment classification. Inside each box is a vial or bottle of pills, often just tiny white balls. Several copies of booklet "Humphrey's Manual," (1936) are i ...

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Image of Cookbook - 1988.059.20

Cookbook - 1988.059.20

Over 300 ways of making delicious sandwiches, appetizers and canapes. Compliments of Heileman's Old Style Lager

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Image of Cooler, Water - 1961.006.01

Cooler, Water - 1961.006.01

Large silver pitcher or water cooler. Possibly German Silver. Hinged lid with finial, spout and handle. Etched floral design on each side, and inscription along bottom that reads: "A.G.L. from M. & M. D.G." Stamped disk on bottom says "Rogers Smith & Co, New Haven Ct, Pat'd. June 13 1868. Body is lined with glass, which was done through the bottom somehow, with a silver plug with printing (not legible) in the bottom.

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Image of Costume, Performance - 1979.017.01

Costume, Performance - 1979.017.01

Jack Martin's Bozo the Clown costume. The outfit includes: shirt, pants, collar, gloves, shoes, wig, and nose. Label in the shirt and the pants is "Florence Garside" and there is an image of the Eiffel tower embroidered. The shirt and plants are blue. The shirt has a hidden zipper up the front and two white pom poms are pinned over the zipper. The collar is made up of four layers of white fabric with red rickrack. The gloves are simple white cotto ...

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Image of Costume, Performance - 1994.094.01

Costume, Performance - 1994.094.01

Juanita Beck's purple corduroy costume. Costume includes: purple jacket, purple pants, purple hat, and white blouse. Costume was homemade. The costume was machine stitched and the sequins were added by hand. The purple corduroy has a silver stripe throughout. The back of the jacket has "Juanita" spelled in sequins with a treble clef below. The jacket is lined with a light purple taffeta lining. The jacket has two buttons near the waist with fake d ...

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Image of Crate - 2017.006.01

Crate - 2017.006.01

Wooden McCord druggist crate with leather hinges, top of the box reads "Drugs and Houston" with something between that cannot be read.

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Image of Cutter, Cabbage - 2008.019.01

Cutter, Cabbage - 2008.019.01

Wooden kraut/cabbage cutter with three metal blades in the center. There are grooves on right and left sides for the box, which slides into the grooves. Printed on the top back is "645-W. KRAUT CUTTER. T&D MFG. CO.. INDPLS., IND." T&D stands for Tucker and Dorsey.

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Image of Decoration, Holiday - 2014.fic.1030

Decoration, Holiday - 2014.fic.1030

Easter Honeycomb Decoration. Basket and eggs are honeycomb, bunny and flowers are colored cardboard. Eggs are navy, pink, green, yellow, and dark pink. Basket is same light pink as one of the eggs. Flowers are red and purple. Bunny is brown and white and is sitting on his hind legs. Decoration stores flat, but is 3 Dimensional when put together.

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Image of Doll - 1967.004.25

Doll - 1967.004.25

"Aunt Jemina", homemade black stocking rag doll. Doll has cotton filling, white button eyes, red yarn ears, nose, and mouth. She is wearing a red faded bandanna with black dots and three leaf clovers with a white ball with a small gold bead above her nose on the bandanna. She has a green and white gingham dress with a green floral hem and sleeves. She is wearing a white apron with red polka dots. The dress is cinched together at the neck and has t ...

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Image of Doll - 1981.021.01

Doll - 1981.021.01

Doll with bisque head and paper mache body. Real blond hair with blue glass eyes. She is wearing a yellow and red cotton weave with white lace trim and hot pink trim. Doll has painted on boots and stockings.

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Image of Dollhouse - 2004.061.01

Dollhouse - 2004.061.01

Pepperwood Farm Dollhouse with Furniture, Dolls, and Accessories. This dollhouse was made by William Fancher and his wife. Some of the accessories are handmade or are donated from across the world from traveling friends. This dollhouse was made in Racine, WI, however the Fanchers were long time residents of La Crosse WI, and moved back shortly after completing the dollhouse. The dollhouse is a pale green with white trim. There is a wrap-a-round po ...

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Image of Drawing, Architectural - 2015.fic.339

Drawing, Architectural - 2015.fic.339

Watercolor architectural drawing of the Riverside Park bandshell by Otto A. Merman, architect. 17.5" x 23"

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Image of Dress - 1978.025.09

Dress - 1978.025.09

Black chiffon sleeveless dress with gold beading and sequins in flower patterns over entirety. Slit up front and sides with gold beaded trim. Tag on waist seam reads Haute Couture Henry Gallet Paris 9. Rue de Conde. Front bodice has slight stitching to lessen the v-neck.

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Image of Dress - 1988.001.01

Dress - 1988.001.01

Two piece pale green embroidered silk dress made by Jeanne Hallée, a famous French couture house in Paris from the 1880's to the 19 teen's. The bodice is fully boned and has elbow length sleeves with pointed cuffs. The label for the designer is on the internal petersham waistband. The bodice has a hook and eye closure at center front over which is a panel of net and chiffon "peaking through" between the silk closure of the bodice which is embroide ...

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Image of Dress, Wedding - 2011.003.01

Dress, Wedding - 2011.003.01

Wedding dress, believed to be silk, cream colored. Ankle length. Skirt has two tiers of eyelet lace, bodice is lace with v-neck. At the waist there is a wide silk satin belt and bow with long sash.

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Image of Drum, Storage - 2014.fic.139

Drum, Storage - 2014.fic.139

SK IV sanitation kit used for fallout shelters, supplies for 50 people for two weeks. Fiberboard drum inside plastic bag, contents of the drum are; 10 rolls of toilet paper, 1 can opener, 1 commode liner (polyethylene), 60 sanitary napkins, 1 hand cleaner, 1 pair of gloves (polyethylene), 1 syphon spout, 1 tie wire, 1 commode seat, 80 cups and lids, 1 commode chemical, 1 instruction sheet. Printed on the front along with the contents is "Survival ...

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Image of Engraving - 1974.012.05

Engraving - 1974.012.05

Etching of Lincoln signed by Schneider. February 2, 1913 written in pencil on back.

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Image of Handkerchief - 1981.026.10

Handkerchief - 1981.026.10

A handkerchief found in the pocket of a man's tux. It is white with a hemmed edge. Embroidered in one of the corners are the initials "W.F.F". Written on the handkerchief are the words "Have Booze Will Smuggle".

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Image of Hat - 2001.025.06

Hat - 2001.025.06

White straw hat, conical in shape. Topped with orange netting and two artificial orange tulips. No label, but still in its original Herberger's box, with dated receipt for payment of $12.00 from Mrs. Bob Gowlland. Receipt now in accession file.

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