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Image of Hat, Top - 2004.040.01

Hat, Top - 2004.040.01

Silk top hat from Rogers Beet and Co. in New York. Hat was autographed in the 1930s by Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, and Eddie Cantor.

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Image of Helmet - 2016.fic.183

Helmet - 2016.fic.183

White fiberglass helmet. On the front there is a a blue circle with the symbol for Civil Defense "CD". In the blue circle are the words "La Cross County". There is also a sticker that says " Warden". On the inside there is a khaki webbing.

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Image of Jar, Apothecary - 2017.fic.234

Jar, Apothecary - 2017.fic.234

Large white ceramic vase with handles, on a pedestal, says "Leeches" in black capital letters on the front.

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Image of Kepi - 2012.fic.124

Kepi - 2012.fic.124

Cap, made of painted canvas with a stiff brim, in the style called a kepi, and used in the Civil War. Painted in red and white stripes, with a painted band of gold stars on a blue background. Top on hat is a wooden disk to which is attached a small oil lamp with a large wick. The fuel receptacle is metal, and is hung on hinged hangers, so that it would swivel and stay level when the wearer bent over, presumably allowing him to avoid being set afir ...

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Image of Lantern - WE.2010.1.654

Lantern - WE.2010.1.654

Lantern, complete with a handle. The burner is missing, but the glass and metal are still intact.

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Image of Lederhosen - 2004.020.01

Lederhosen - 2004.020.01

Lederhosen worn by the first La Crosse Oktoberfest Fest Master in 1962, Don Rice. Men's shorts of black cotton, with self suspenders and decorated with embroidered flowers in red, yellow, green and white, and trimmed with embroidered ribbon in the same colors. Drawstring built into back of waistband allows wearer to adjust the size. Drop-front closes with button on each side, in lieu of a conventional fly opening. No maker's mark; may have been ...

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Image of Light, Christmas Tree - 1987.071.01

Light, Christmas Tree - 1987.071.01

Early Christmas tree light set. One cord, 175" long, with 8 bulbs, some with remnants of red, blue, and green paint, set in green ceramic sockets. Comes with box, apparently original, no lid, covered with holly-printed paper. Has 11 extra bulbs, box has 9 slots for storing them in the box. Remnant of label says "Franco, Decorative Lighting Outfit."

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Image of Light, Christmas Tree - 1990.075.03

Light, Christmas Tree - 1990.075.03

Boxed set of Christmas tree lights. Outer label on box reads: "Noma Safety Plug Christmas Lights: The Fuses Protect You." Contains one strand with 7 sockets; 5 bulbs remain, with colored paint peeling on them. Box is red, decorated with Santa, evergreens, and a Christmas tree.

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Image of Lithograph - 2011.014.138

Lithograph - 2011.014.138

"Elfenbrau" large lithograph print titled "Elf Party." Print reads: "Elfenbrau Wholesome as Sunshine" at the top, and at the bottom, "Brewed & Bottled by C & J Michael Brewing Co. La Crosse, Wis." The company logo is in the upper right hand corner. The print itself features elves having a party in a brewery. There is a staircase on the left side where two elves are coming down with beer and food. One has two loaves of bread, and the other has brea ...

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Image of Machine, Sewing - 1978.022.01

Machine, Sewing - 1978.022.01

Portable Electric Sewing Machine, Make: Singer Model #3 - 110, Serial Number: AG878207. Singer "Featherweight" sewing machine. Cast aluminum body, with black enamel finish, original case, accessories and instruction manual.

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Image of Map - 2014.fic.135

Map - 2014.fic.135

Map of "Community Shelter Locations La Crosse County" stored within a manilla envelope labeled, "La Crosse County Community Shelter Plan." Pictured on the cover of the manilla envelope is a small map of La Crosse county and the townships within it. A fallout shelter and civil defense logo are at the bottom of the envelope. On one side of the paper inside the envelope is a large picture of La Crosse county that shows where shelter service areas ar ...

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Image of Mold, Butter - 1965.001.911

Mold, Butter - 1965.001.911

A wooden butter mold. There is a hole in the bottom. The edges are jointed together. The bottom is nailed on. On the top there are two stars, which would imprint onto the butter. There is also a wooden handle.

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Image of Mower, Lawn - 1984.029.16

Mower, Lawn - 1984.029.16

Grand Universal lawn mower, circa. 1930's, 19 " Blade, 39 " wood handle, self-sharpening

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Image of Muff - 1985.072.02

Muff - 1985.072.02

Mink muff with a celluloid bracelet. Lined with dark brown sateen that has a ruffled edge at openings.

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Image of Painting - 1984.130.20

Painting - 1984.130.20

Framed watercolor of stream with trees and bluffs in the background.

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Image of Painting - 2017.030.03

Painting - 2017.030.03

Framed watercolor by Marion Cape Biehn. The watercolor is of the Old County Court House. Three people are walking on the sidewalk. The frame is gold colored with a white mat.

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Image of Painting - 2017.fic.141

Painting - 2017.fic.141

Possibly watercolor and gouache painting by Axel Edward Soderberg. Three covered wagons with pioneers, horses, oxen, and dogs. Framed and matte are gold colored. Frame is from Odin J. Oyen's Store.

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Image of Pamphlet - 2012.014.01

Pamphlet - 2012.014.01

Booklet produced for listening audience of a radio show, "The Kiddie Club," sponsored by the Erickson Bakery, in La Crosse WI. Includes photos of performers on the show, principally "Uncle Dave," (photo on front cover) and Lorraine Neumann (on back cover.) Most of the booklet is photos of listeners, children who have sent in their pictures. Includes photos and names of many local children. The "Kiddie Club" was broadcast on station WKBH, daily a ...

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Image of Pick, Ice - 1965.001.912

Pick, Ice - 1965.001.912

A metal and wood ice chipper. The handle is wooden. The pick is rusted metal with five points. There is something embossed in the metal, but it is unreadable.

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Image of Picture, needlework - 2015.014.036

Picture, needlework - 2015.014.036

Hmong "paj ntaub tsiaj" storycloth, hand stitched, with applique and embroidery. Thick outside border in grey and double inside borders in off-white and dark blue. Embroidery in center.

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