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Image of Quilt - 1965.001.0226

Quilt - 1965.001.0226

Appliqué quilt; all the motifs have been cut out of colored fabric and painstakingly sewn down with tiny, near-invisible stitches. All cotton, with fine, dense hand quilting. Label on back states: “L.L. Finch, over 100 years old.”

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Image of Quilt - 1970.007.01

Quilt - 1970.007.01

Signature quilt with red work embroidery and thin batting. All cotton, and each block appears to have been separately quilted, then assembled. Primarily Norwegian Evangelical Church members and organizations. Appears to be a church fundraiser.

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Image of Quilt - 1983.007.02

Quilt - 1983.007.02

Silk and velvet crazy quilt. Red cotton backing. Top has a large central block surrounded by smaller crazy blocks. Includes 3 commemorative ribbons, including one for the Old Settler Association (early La Crosse County Historical Society). Embroidered patch, lower right corner states: "Mary D. J. Benton, Feb. 28, 1905."

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Image of Quilt - 1988.025.01

Quilt - 1988.025.01

All cotton pieced quilt, Wedding Ring pattern. Natural muslin background and multicolor rings with depression-era printed cottons. Thin batting, hand quilted. White backing.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.fic.791

Quilt - 2011.fic.791

Signature quilt, white and blue, all cotton. Pieced, of an unusual pattern. Embroidered with 699 names; most are recognizably of La Crosse. Motifs include symbols for several military auxiliary organizations such as the Women's Relief Corps and Grand Army of the Republic.

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Image of Radio - 1997.015.01

Radio - 1997.015.01

Crosley Super 8 radio made of brown plastic.

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Image of Receipt - 1965.001.03

Receipt - 1965.001.03

Receipt for purchases by "Mr GC Hixon" at Louis Vuitton, in Paris, France. Itemized purchases are "a trunk" and a strap."

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Image of Register, Cash - 2005.001.01

Register, Cash - 2005.001.01

National cash register, nickel over brass. Serial # S236651J, model # 1054-G. In working condition. Owned by Salem Markos & Sons, 313 Pearl Street, La Crosse WI.

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Image of Ribbon, Membership - 2015.016.01

Ribbon, Membership - 2015.016.01

Membership ribbon for the La Crosse Typographical Union No. 448. Red, white and blue vertical stripes on ribbon which hangs from brass pin holder with "PRINTERS" and "MEMBER" at top. International Typographical Union emblem in a gold cartouche is connected with links to the pin. Braided gold fringe at bottom of ribbon. Reverse has additional black ribbon that can be used when mourning. Original paper envelope is in the accession file.

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Image of Scoop, Ice Cream - 1965.001.909

Scoop, Ice Cream - 1965.001.909

Metal ice cream scoop with a conical shaped scoop. Bottom of handle is stamped "XX6". Circular hole in the end of the handle for hanging.

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Image of Scrapbook - 2009.015.001

Scrapbook - 2009.015.001

Scrapbook of Kermit Brekke's WWII mementos. Includes photos, postcards, newspaper clippings, magazines, greeting cards. Album is dark blue, tied together with a black string. 12.75" x 10.25"

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Image of Shawl - 2008.010.01

Shawl - 2008.010.01

Triangular, crocheted shawl, of variegated grey-brown and cream colored wool yarn. One stripe, 1.5" wide, of purple yarn, now mostly faded to pink, runs along the two shorter sides of the triangle. A fringe of the grey/cream wool yarn, 2" long is also on those two sides. At the top, or long side of the triangle, are two crocheted yarn draw-strings , woven through the crocheted edging and with a large yarn tassel on each end, making for four tassel ...

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Image of Shillelagh - 1915.012.01

Shillelagh - 1915.012.01

Wooden Irish shillelagh, "Erin" carved into head of club in ribbon design with clover carved into butt of the club.

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Image of Shoe, Baseball - 1987.032.01

Shoe, Baseball - 1987.032.01

1 pair of baseball shoes said to belong to Quincy Hale in 1910. Black leather, 8 lace holes. Spalding label. Size 12 1/2 long. Two triangular cleats on each shoe, one on the heel and one beneath the toe.

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Image of Sign, Advertising - 1984.026.11

Sign, Advertising - 1984.026.11

Black and gold metal moving ad sign. Rotating hand lettered painted ribbon reads " We specialize in custom made coats. A fur coat is the most becoming garment for any woman if designed to fit her type and personality".

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Image of Sign, Advertising - 2011.014.014

Sign, Advertising - 2011.014.014

A prohibition era framed embossed tin sign. The frame is a matte black with no matting. The sign shows the brewery skyline and the Mississippi behind the brewery. The silhouette is in black and the rest of the image is yellow. The text is red and yellow and says "Gund's Peerless Beverage. The Everyday Soft Drink. The Gund Company, La Crosse, Wis."

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Image of Sign, Advertising - 2011.014.133

Sign, Advertising - 2011.014.133

A large neon bar saign for the G. Heileman Brewery. The sign is the Old Style shield, which lights up in green. The text inside the shield says "Heileman's Old Style."

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Image of Sign, Picket - 2016.006.01

Sign, Picket - 2016.006.01

Wooden board used to hold a poster used in the 1956 Autolite strike. Stick has the signatures of 71 people who took part in the strike.

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Image of Skate, Ice - 1985.064.02

Skate, Ice - 1985.064.02

The Sonja Henie "Pleasure Skates" by Nestor Johnson. A boot attached to the skate. The white leather shoe is an open tab ankle high boot. Toe cap is the same piece as tongue. It also has a backstay. The sole is leather. The skate attached to metal plates is riveted into the sole at the heel and sole. The blade is their exclusive "Lo-Boy" design where the blade is held inside a holder and does not taper up much at either end. On the metal plate on ...

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Image of Skirt, Wrap - 2015.014.043

Skirt, Wrap - 2015.014.043

Pleated wrap skirt in White Hmong tradition, off-white color. Precisely made, 5" long cartridge pleats are hand-sewn to a 2" waist band of same cotton fabric. Waistband extends into long sashes to tie the skirt in place. Has "B.W." written on there (Betty Weeth).

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