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Image of Souvenir - 2017.fic.1245

Souvenir - 2017.fic.1245

A clear glass hatchet. One of the faces has a profile of George Washington and it reads, "The Father of this Country." The other side reads, "World's Fair 1893." The handle reads, "Libbey Glass Co Toledo, Ohio."

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Image of Statue - 2011.014.142

Statue - 2011.014.142

Plaster Michel brewery elf. Elf is wearing a red hat, red shirt, and red tights. The elf is holding a bottle of beer in his left hand that says "Elfenbrau Beer Brewed and Bottled at C. & J. Michel Brewing Co. La Crosse". The base of the statue reads "Elfenbrau Wholesome as Sunshine C & J Michel Brew Co. La Crosse".

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Image of Stick, Lacrosse - 1985.064.01

Stick, Lacrosse - 1985.064.01

Lacrosse stick has a rounded one piece wood handle and cord net hoop. The hoop is circular shaped and lashed to the handle with buckskin strips. Hoop is made from a thin, bent extension of the same piece of wood as the handle. No nails are visible. Four holes are drilled in the hoop, and leather strips are laced through them to form netting.

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Image of Suit, Bathing - 1987.051.33

Suit, Bathing - 1987.051.33

Women's gray wool one piece swimsuit. There is a two button closure on the left shoulder. White horizontal stripes run across the bodice as well as the skirt. Shorts of the same material are sewn in the skirt. Label: Gantner & Mattern, S ...

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Image of T-Shirt - 2015.014.012

T-Shirt - 2015.014.012

T-Shirt in green. The top slogan says: "The Friendship Program." Below that is: "Tsoom Phooj Ywg Lub Hau Kev." On the very bottom, it says something that is in either Lao or Thai.

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Image of Tag - 1947.001.07

Tag - 1947.001.07

Small brass luggage tag from War Eagle. Stamped: WAR EAGLE 10.

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Image of Tin - 1997.125.01

Tin - 1997.125.01

Large red-painted tin. White label on front states: "Montague's Biscuits, La Crosse, Wis."

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Image of Tin - 2011.014.092

Tin - 2011.014.092

Empty tin container of Heileman's Old Style Medium/Dark Malt Syrup sold during Prohibition. The tin features the Grenadier with a shirt that says Old Style and is not holding a beer bottle. Instructions read "For your malted milk or other malted drinks, only a small portion of this Extract need be used. Any standard formula may be followed. Bread and fancy baking done with this Extract gives increased volume, better texture, and a resultant flavor ...

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Image of Torch - 1920.002.01

Torch - 1920.002.01

Torch used in political processions. This torch was made by the A&W Manufacturing Co. of Chicago in Jan. 1880.

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Image of Toy - 1985.024.01

Toy - 1985.024.01

Eight plastic toy figures from the Batman Ideal Playset. Figures include; a=Batman, b=Robin, c=Wonder Woman,d=superman, e=The Joker, f=Keyman, g=Brainstorm, and h=a ray weapon. The heroes are painted with limited detail while the villains and the ray weapon are a single color.

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Image of Toy - 2014.fic.354

Toy - 2014.fic.354

A Kenner Easy-Bake Oven. Plastic aqua oven modeled to look like an oven on top of a cabinet beside a stove. Some metal parts like the cook top on the stove. Vent at top of oven, still contains light bulb. Black with metallic silver pinstripes sticker with the label Kenner Easy-Bake Oven. A 200 watt lightbulb cooks the food in the oven portion and it cools in the stove portion.

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Image of Tray, Food Service - 2011.014.018

Tray, Food Service - 2011.014.018

A self-framed tin lithograph for the Gund Brewery. The lithograph features a hunt going on in a forest where the dogs were in search of Gund's Peerless Beer with their hunters close behind them. The text above the scene says "A Good Time" and below the scene it says "John Gund Brewing Co. La Crosse, Wis., U.S.A."

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Image of Tray, Serving - 2011.014.009

Tray, Serving - 2011.014.009

Tin serving tray, colored lithograph featuring Gund La Crosse with an ornate G with King Gambrinus holding a pilsner of beer circled by hops and barley. Produced by the Standard Advertising Company in Ohio.

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Image of Trunk - 2012.fic.145

Trunk - 2012.fic.145

Trunk, white exterior, looks like heavy paper or card simulating leather. Wide leather strapping, with metal studs. Lined with printed cotton. Included an inner, removable shelf. Brass label on top says: "Herken Trunk Factory, La Crosse, WIS."

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Image of Uniform, Fire - 2013.001.01

Uniform, Fire - 2013.001.01

Jacket to a dress uniform for the chief of the fire department in La Crosse, WI. Dark navy twill, double breasted with 2 rows of 4 yellow metal buttons down the front. 5 gold braid stripes on each cuff and patch on left shoulder says "La Crosse Fire Dept."

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Image of Uniform, Military - 1986.067.01

Uniform, Military - 1986.067.01

WWI U.S. Army Nurse Corps wool uniform coat. Part of two piece uniform paired with skirt, (1986.067.15). Originally blue but faded to dark brown/purple color. Long coat with belt and buttons on belt. Two breast pockets and two hip pockets. All pockets have flaps and buttons. Lined with black silk and weighted in front corners of lining. Pins on either side of collar read "U.S." and "ANC" over medical emblem, respectively. Other pins on left b ...

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Image of Uniform, Military - 1986.067.15

Uniform, Military - 1986.067.15

WWI U.S. Army Nurse Corps long wool uniform skirt. Part of two piece uniform paired with coat, (1986.067.01). Originally blue but faded to dark brown/purple color. Two hip pockets with flaps and buttons. Unlined, with snap closures along left side.

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Image of Uniform, Military - 1987.046.05

Uniform, Military - 1987.046.05

Eisenhower jacket (card says it was used during the Korean War), olive drab serge wool, two front pockets with flaps, two shoulder flaps that button, 6 buttons down the front, metal snap button that closes the waistband of the jacket, straps on the hips of the jacket to adjust the size. There are 2 patches on the left arm: one has two upturned green chevrons lined with blue, and the other is a triangle with three sections of red, blue, and yellow, ...

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Image of Uniform, Military - 1990.021.14

Uniform, Military - 1990.021.14

US Navy Commander Hat. White vinyl-type crown with black or navy blue brim. Gold chin strap. Silver and gold US Navy insignia on front of hat. Gold leaves decorate brim. Brown leather sweatband. Plastic Pocket inside hat contains makers mark which reads " Hilborn-Hamburger Inc. New York. Name tag inside reads " Howard L. Nestingen Supervisor, Public Relations. Area Code 608 Telephone number 782-1079. Hat size 7 1/8

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Image of Uniform, Military - 1991.002.22

Uniform, Military - 1991.002.22

American Red Cross women's Army jacket post World War II. The jacket is dark grey wool with two breast pockets that do not open (they are sewn shut), and two hip pockets with flaps that button. The jacket closes at the center with four buttons. The collar of the jacket has a light blue tab on each lapel with a button and a navy blue stripe running through the center. The left sleeve of the jacket has a patch with a red cross that says "American Re ...

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