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Image of Animal, Stuffed - 1986.044.01

Animal, Stuffed - 1986.044.01

Plush stuffed rabbit with red/orange trousers and orange/yellow tuxedo style jacket. White plastic eyes with long plush ears on a metal frame that are lined with pink velvet. Rabbit was made with excelsior stuffing or wood wool. Body under clothing is muslin not plush.

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Image of Badge, Membership - 2013.fic.103

Badge, Membership - 2013.fic.103

Member badge of the Normanna Sangerkor, a La Crosse men's singing society. The badge consists of 2 yellow metal pieces, one above the other, connected by short lengths of chain on both sides. The upper part has the date 1869 at the top, with "Normanna Sangerkor" below it. The middle piece consists of an outstretched eagle facing our left, while the lower (and largest) of the three sections is a lyre whose curving side pieces are dragons, each faci ...

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Image of Badge, Membership - 2017.fic.1066

Badge, Membership - 2017.fic.1066

Badge from Frohsinn Singing Society. Pin portion is metal with white plastic inlay and text "FROHSINN" stamped in blue. The front of the ribbon is blue with silver text "La Crosse, Wis. Gegruendet 1885". There is a medallion attached below with a picture of a harp, trumpets, sheets of mustic, and olive branches on the front. The back of the ribbon is black and contains the same silver text as the front. The back of the medallion has black text "In ...

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Image of Beater, Food - 1965.001.910

Beater, Food - 1965.001.910

Rotary egg beater with wooden handle. Spinning gear has text "Pattern Improved Taplin's". Reverse of the gear has text " Made in U.S.A. PAT. Apr. 14, 03"

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Image of Book - 1984.100.06

Book - 1984.100.06

Small hardbound children's book, based on a radio show. Format consists of text on left page, and a black and white illustration opposite. In the upper right corner of each illustration is a small set-in picture of a bomber, so that flipping the pages quickly will produce an animated image of a bomber in action.

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Image of Bottle - 1986.058.01

Bottle - 1986.058.01

A bottle of cognac from the Last Man's Club. The glass bottle is green. One front label has three stars and it is rounded. Another label reads, "Cognac Marcelle Brand Product of France Imported by Etablissement E. Bigeon, Inc. New - York - Paris - Cognac Net Contents 1 Pint 8.5 Fluid Ounces Alcoholic Strength 88 Proof," and it has vines and grapes around the edge. The last label reads, "Permit Number 167 Distilled Seven Years Ago Bottled at Cognac ...

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Image of Bottle, Perfume - 1982.078.28

Bottle, Perfume - 1982.078.28

Perfume Bottle in Shape of Christmas Tree, "Avon Tree Sonnet Cologne", Three Fluid Ounces

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Image of Box - 1991.035.07

Box - 1991.035.07

Lightweight wooden hinged box, carved and strained wood burning technique. Carved with roses, on front: "Funke's Chocolates", on bottom: "Made by the Pyrographart Co. Joneston, Illinois", held by small tacks and brass hinge.

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Image of Box, Cigar - 2015.fic.543

Box, Cigar - 2015.fic.543

Pamperin Cigar Co. Black Rose Smokers cardboard cigar box. The top of the cigar box reads "Black Rose Smokers". The print on the underside of the coveris of a scantily dressed woman of the late 19th century surrounded by flowers. The print is labled as "Title and design registered by John Pamperin, 1884."

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Image of Bugle - 1984.100.27

Bugle - 1984.100.27

8" brass bugle made by J.W. York & Sons Grand Rapids, MI. Also stamped into horn is PHILA.DFPOT; SPEC.1152; CONT 2-10-17.

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Image of Button - 2013.fic.172.01

Button - 2013.fic.172.01

One of eight sets of cards containing 8 pearl buttons. From top to bottom left to top to bottom right: .75'' white 4 hole flat, .5'' white 2 hole flat. 1'' white 2 hole flat, .25'' white 2 hole flat, .5'' white 2 hole flat, .75'' white 2 hole flat with hexagon design, .25'' white 2 hole with a flower design, .625'' black 2 hole flat.

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Image of Button, Promotional - 1992.100.14

Button, Promotional - 1992.100.14

1970 Marching Chiefs Rose Bowl pin

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Image of Calumet - 1930.018.02

Calumet - 1930.018.02

Calumet, or peace pipe. Old LCHS records claim it is of Ho-Chunk origin. Elbow style pipe bowl of catlinite. Wooden shaft is partially covered with red and white plaited quillwork and bands of black fur. Yellow and orange ribbons are tied to shaft, as well as an animal tail and 3 striped feathers suspended from a carrying string.

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Image of Camera, Instant - 1985.025.01

Camera, Instant - 1985.025.01

Polaroid Swinger Camera. Off-white plastic body with rounded corners and a separate large black rangefinder-style viewfinder with a rubber eye shield on top. Lensboard on front is framed with black plastic with a metallic front. Red knob above lens controls exposure. Directions for operation are molded into the back. A black lever unlocks the back of camera to insert film pack. Floor of interior comes out to insert two AA batteries. Black plastic ...

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Image of Camera, View - 1984.036.01

Camera, View - 1984.036.01

Imperial No. 6 folding view camera. Wood body with leather covering. Front opens to allow red leather bellows and lens to be pulled forward on a metal track. Metal cut-out crown at top of lens board. Rauber & Wollensak optical lens. Back opens on hinge to access ground glass. Right side opens to access three 5x7 film holders. IMPERIAL No 6 imprinted on white plate under lens board.

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Image of Camera, View - 2015.026.04

Camera, View - 2015.026.04

Aiken-Gleason Cycle Peek-a-Boo No. 1 camera. This is a 45 bellows camera, mahogany and brass interior, with carrying case. Intended to be carried in its case on the upper frame bar of a bicycle, hence Cycle in the name.

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Image of Cap, Military - 1986.049.01

Cap, Military - 1986.049.01

U.S. Navy officer's visor hat. White, water-repellent fabric. Black bill with gold oak leaves. Gold braid on black band, with a metal insignia attached above the braid, consisting of a silver-colored, spread-wing eagle standing on a shield in front of two gold-colored crossed anchors.

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Image of Chest, Tool - 1988.058.01

Chest, Tool - 1988.058.01

Large wooden chest, painted black, with compartments for tools.

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Image of Clock - 1985.021.02

Clock - 1985.021.02

Windsor Electric Franklin Delano Roosevelt "AT THE WHEEL FOR A NEW DEAL" metal clock with warm pewter finish. The clock is inside of a steering wheel held by Roosevelt. Includes electric cord with a gold braided coating. Back of the clock has two small knobs to to start the clock and to set the hands. Back of the clock has text "USE AC 110 V 60 C MADE IN U.S.A. PAT'S PEND."

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Image of Combination - 2005.015.02

Combination - 2005.015.02

Women's undergarment designed and made in La Crosse, WI. Called "The Leona," after its inventer and manufacturer, this is a "three-in-one" which consolidates camisole, drawers and slip into one undergarment. This Leona is constructed of a white cotton batiste. The skirt has a ruffle of a gauzier cotton, trimmed with lace that appears handmade. The arms and neckline of the bodice are trimmed with the same lace, and there is a ribbon insert at the w ...

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