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Image of Quilt - 1956.007.34

Quilt - 1956.007.34

All cotton pieced quilt. Friendship block, but with no signatures. Cream backing and cream background on front with colors of red, brown and yellow: lots of madder prints. Red binding, hand sewn. Binding and solid red fabric in quilt are the same twill-weave fabric. Pieced by hand.

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Image of Quilt - 1965.001.0225

Quilt - 1965.001.0225

All cotton pieced bed quilt. Red baskets on a white background: this traditional pieced pattern has been assembled oddly, with some of the red triangles pointing in different directions than the normal layout. White binding along the edges of the quilt and red quilting stitches around red baskets. Piecing and quilting are by hand, while the seam in the backing fabric is machine sewn.

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Image of Quilt - 1965.001.0226

Quilt - 1965.001.0226

Appliqué quilt; all the motifs have been cut out of colored fabric and painstakingly sewn down with tiny, near-invisible stitches. All cotton, with fine, dense hand quilting. Label on back states: “L.L. Finch, over 100 years old.”

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Image of Quilt - 1970.007.01

Quilt - 1970.007.01

Signature quilt with red work embroidery and thin batting. All cotton, and each block appears to have been separately quilted, then assembled. Primarily Norwegian Evangelical Church members and organizations. Appears to be a church fundraiser.

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Image of Quilt - 1982.062.48

Quilt - 1982.062.48

All cotton quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted. "Bear Paw" pattern, in printed cotton. Bear paw blocks of predominantly brown prints are separated by sashing of red print. Binding in same printed red cotton, applied with sewing machine. Backing of natural muslin.

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Image of Quilt - 1983.007.02

Quilt - 1983.007.02

Silk and velvet crazy quilt. Red cotton backing. Top has a large central block surrounded by smaller crazy blocks. Includes 3 commemorative ribbons, including one for the Old Settler Association (early La Crosse County Historical Society). Embroidered patch, lower right corner states: "Mary D. J. Benton, Feb. 28, 1905."

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Image of Quilt - 1983.081.03

Quilt - 1983.081.03

All cotton pieced quilt. Hand quilted. Pattern is a variation of Brackman #765.23. Flower or lily pattern. Green and yellow, but the green has faded to tan.

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Image of Quilt - 1983.081.04

Quilt - 1983.081.04

Pieced cotton quilt, Brackman #3735: rows of eight-pointed stars in red and blue printed cotton, with white cotton squares inset on four sides of each star. Hand quilted with fan quilting.

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Image of Quilt - 1984.043.01

Quilt - 1984.043.01

Hand appliqued quilt, unwashed cotton. Each block depicts a different version of a child, or "Sunbonnet Baby", set in sashing. Lots of shirtings, checks.

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Image of Quilt - 1984.063.03

Quilt - 1984.063.03

All cotton quilt. White with appliqued tulips in green, red and yellow. No sign of a stamped design, as in a kit. Featherstitching along edges and on extension along one end. Quilted in fans.

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Image of Quilt - 1988.025.01

Quilt - 1988.025.01

All cotton pieced quilt, Wedding Ring pattern. Natural muslin background and multicolor rings with depression-era printed cottons. Thin batting, hand quilted. White backing.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.004.01

Quilt - 2011.004.01

16 block crazy quilt, mostly wools and other clothing fabrics. Individual patches are outlined with colorful embroidery stitches in a variety of different stitches. Backing is flannel, dark pink with a floral print. No batting.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.fic.768

Quilt - 2011.fic.768

Log cabin quilt in brown and blue wools. Barn-raising lay out. Edges are finished with blue hem saver tape.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.fic.769

Quilt - 2011.fic.769

Pieced quilt of eight-pointed stars on white background. Brackman #3772. Stars are mostly pink with cheddar yellow tips. Hand-quilted, white backing. Quilting is beautifully done.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.fic.771

Quilt - 2011.fic.771

Pieced cotton quilt, unwashed, with 2 corner cut-outs for a bed. Hand pieced and quilted. Wonderful collection of 19th c. printed cottons, in good condition. Lots of shirtings and conversation prints. Binding is machine sewn. All-over triangles, Brackman 113a.

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Image of Quilt - 2011.fic.791

Quilt - 2011.fic.791

Signature quilt, white and blue, all cotton. Pieced, of an unusual pattern. Embroidered with 699 names; most are recognizably of La Crosse. Motifs include symbols for several military auxiliary organizations such as the Women's Relief Corps and Grand Army of the Republic.

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Image of Quilt - 2012.fic.172

Quilt - 2012.fic.172

Pieced quilt, in log cabin block: layout is called "capital steps." Predominantly ivories, browns, some greens and black. 4" border in a small-motif brocade in a muddy tan color. Backing is silk, ivory with a fine black stripe. No batting, tied with white floss.

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Image of Quilt - 2012.fic.174

Quilt - 2012.fic.174

Tied cotton quilt, with an older, raggedy quilt used for batting. Large "Star of Bethlehem" of pieced diamonds has been machine appliqued to a loosely woven, cheaply made floral chintz. Similar backing fabric, Multi-colored.

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