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Image of Boater - 1982.062.77

Boater - 1982.062.77

Firm flat straw boater hat with net lining. Brown grosgrain ribbon band around crown has a stripe along the center. Silk label inside crown.

Image of Bonnet - 1985.008.147

Bonnet - 1985.008.147

A taffeta winter bonnet. It is padded and ruffle in the front. The outside of the bonnet has a fabric weaved blue and yellow. The inside is a cream color. There is a label on the inside that reads, "I. Magnin Co. San Francisco Los Angeles Manufacturers."

Image of Buckle, Belt - 2012.003.01

Buckle, Belt - 2012.003.01

Belt buckle, of silver colored metal, possibly nickle silver, with a brass clasp or hook soldered to the back. Engraved with decorative flourishes, mottos, and the name "H. Heileman."

Image of Cap, Smoking - 1985.085.07

Cap, Smoking - 1985.085.07

Green velvet embroidered Turkish smoking cap with five sections joined with piping, a quilted lining, and a green tassel hanging from the top.

Image of Comb, Ornamental - 1980.011.02

Comb, Ornamental - 1980.011.02

Silver metal hair comb. The top is solid with a floral design. The bottom has seven teeth.

Image of Compass - 2017.fic.711

Compass - 2017.fic.711

Hand-made compass sun dial in a black leather covered case. Brass color with protractor, compass, plumb line and sun dial all elements have small hinges attaching them to the base compass. The back is inscribed with the names of the owners and their location.

Image of Derby - 1982.062.35

Derby - 1982.062.35

Men's black derby hat. 1" black grosgrain ribbon around crown. Cream satin lining with large printed label on inside of crown: "Wickfield Clothiers Corporation. The Continental Clothing House, La Crosse, Wis." The name of the store, "Continental Clothing House, La Crosse Wis," is also embossed in gold on the inner hat band, which is leather.

Image of Fan, Cockade - 1978.030.04

Fan, Cockade - 1978.030.04

Black cockade fan, a cockade fan opens into a complete circle around the pivot, folds into small black leatherette case, decorative metal clasp, pleated fan with black glossy fabric.

Image of Fan, Hand - 1980.026.08

Fan, Hand - 1980.026.08

White lace and silk folding fan, white wood sticks and guards, guards have gold design, metal rivet and semi-circle handle, painted flowers and lace decorations.

Image of Fan, Hand - 1982.055.10

Fan, Hand - 1982.055.10

Cream folding fan, sheer fabric, uniform carved and pierced design on ivory or bone sticks and guards, plastic semi-circle handle, metal rivet, hand painted apple blossoms, pansies, and violets.

Image of Fan, Hand - 1991.002.061

Fan, Hand - 1991.002.061

Black folding fan with carved wooden sticks and guards. It is made of black sheer fabric and lace and is trimmed with black lace. The fan has handpainted white, maroon, and red flowers. The fan has a metal rivet and handle.

Image of Fan, Hand - 1996.028.01

Fan, Hand - 1996.028.01

Black folding fan, carved black sticks and guards (possibly celluloid) decorated with tiny sequins, metal rivet and handle, handle painted black with black silk tassel attached, fan body is double layered with the bottom layer sheer black silk and the top layer is a cream lace decorated with silver sequins.

Image of Flask, Powder - 1926.013.06

Flask, Powder - 1926.013.06

Brass Civil War era powder flask with pointer dog and pheasants on the front.

Image of Handkerchief - 1981.073.28

Handkerchief - 1981.073.28

White/cream handkerchief. Silk or rayon. Very thin and dainty. Has purple border accented with blue rectangles. Has purple and blue flowers around edge inside of border. Middle is plain.

Image of Hat - 1925.012.02

Hat - 1925.012.02

Bonnet is black velvet on a wire frame. Black lining. Two black taffeta flower designs on the front and two on the back which form into two ties on either side of the back of the bonnet.

Image of Hat - 1975.011.09

Hat - 1975.011.09

Blue woven straw hat; early 1900s style. Broad brim. Oval shaped crown. Blue grosgrain ribbon band around crown that forms a large bow; ribbon is also around the rim of the brim--binding. Black lining.

Image of Hat - 1978.030.03

Hat - 1978.030.03

Blue velvet toy hat, small flat hat, wire and mesh frame with blue velvet and satin bows attached.

Image of Hat - 1980.028.01

Hat - 1980.028.01

Green summer police hat ca. 1890. Decorative cord. Made by: J. Wellers. Patent April 10, 88

Image of Hat - 1983.012.02

Hat - 1983.012.02

Gold and silver brocade pillbox hat with cream veiling, label "Aletta, La Crosse"

Image of Hat - 1985.008.072

Hat - 1985.008.072

Small, tight-fitting open-mesh crown with net frame. Edges decorated with pink velvet and satin shirred roses and some small pink flowers.