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Image of Uniform, Occupational - 1979.009.01

Uniform, Occupational - 1979.009.01

Black cotton maid's uniform dress. Long sleeves, with plackets and one button at each wrist, blind placket in front with three buttons and snap at neck. Belt around waist with two snap closures. Tag on neck reads "WHITE SWAN UNIFORMS." Associated apron, collar, cuffs, and headpiece.

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Image of Uniform, Occupational - 1983.047.02

Uniform, Occupational - 1983.047.02

Navy Blue Conductors Coat, metallic buttons with BR insignia. Label with Ed V. Price & Co. Has label in right breast pocket with the name Wm. J. Zurn and date 2/21/56.

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Image of Uniform, Occupational - 1987.002.01

Uniform, Occupational - 1987.002.01

Navy blue postal workers' jacket. Polyester dacron and cotton. Has three buttons running down the front. On left breast pocket there is a maroon patch with white trim, it depicts a man riding a horse. The patch says "Post Office Dept. USA". The jacket was made by Fechheimer company. Size 46.

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Image of Uniform, Occupational - 1991.013.01

Uniform, Occupational - 1991.013.01

World War I La Crosse Red Cross nurse's uniform worn by Ann Kenyon. Uniform is white with a center back closure of 3 buttons. There are 2 pockets at the waist and a small breast pocket. The top center has a small patch with a red cross and "La Crosse" embroidered.

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Image of Uniform, Sports - 1987.062.03

Uniform, Sports - 1987.062.03

Black and white striped dress shirt and white knickers. Likely a football referee uniform from the 1920s. Shirt is a button down with white buttons. Pants fasten with four white buttons at the top and have strap and loop buckles that can be used to tighten around the calf after they have been put on. ...

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Image of Uniform, Sports - 2002.008.01

Uniform, Sports - 2002.008.01

Item is a nylon La Crosse Bobcats basketball jersey. It is while with a red, white and purple striped band around the arm and neck openings. THe top right portion of the front has a gold colored "W" that stands for Wilson the maker of the jersey. The top left portion has a small blue basketball and the letters "cba". "LA CROSSE" is written in purple letters across the front, and below this there is a purple triangle with a red and white border wit ...

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Image of Uniform, Sports - 2015.025.01

Uniform, Sports - 2015.025.01

Two piece mens black baseball or softball uniform with "Rubber Mills" as the name on the back is raised white lettering. The shirt has black, white, and orange trim along the neckline and short sleeve arm cuffs. The pants have a white and orange stripe down the side and white pockets at the back.

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Image of Valentine - 1983.018.05

Valentine - 1983.018.05

Beaded heart-shaped valentine made by Annie Ironhawk. Beaded design of blue, green, gold, white, and clear seed beads on black cotton fabric, bordered by red polka dot fabric and more white beading along border.

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Image of Vaporizer - 1982.060.007

Vaporizer - 1982.060.007

Cardboard box, on side it says " standard electresteem controlled steam vaporizer 10(^2)24" inside has glass jar was black screw on lid with 2 holes in it, also has black base with cord coming out of it for the jar to sit in.

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Image of Vaporizer - 1982.060.012

Vaporizer - 1982.060.012

Yellow box that says " Vapolite The lamp of a thousand uses" inside is a lamp base with a green felted bottom, and a brown and tan cord with plug, also screwed into the base is a blue light bulb with a concave top

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Image of Vest - 2015.014.040

Vest - 2015.014.040

Vest in black with shiny floral pattern, hand stitched. In the front, three panels consisting of applique, cross-stitch, and plastic beads. In the back, four panels consisting of applique, cross-stitch, and plastic beads.

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Image of Vest, Bulletproof - 1991.003.03

Vest, Bulletproof - 1991.003.03

Bullet proof belt used by the La Crosse Police Department and worn by a police officer. Actually not a "vest" at all, but a wide belt, or band, that wraps around the middle of the torso and is held in place by over-the-shoulder straps of black elastic. Belt is made of coated or painted fabric and has slots with metal plates in them. Very heavy.

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Image of Vest, Bulletproof - 1991.003.04

Vest, Bulletproof - 1991.003.04

Dunrite bullet proof vest sold by the Detective Publishing Company in the 1920's-1930's and possibly earlier. Worn by a police officer. Navy Blue wool with four pockets on the front, two on each side. Snaps at the top of the shoulders made it adjustable. Behind the metal plate, there is a tag which reads "Dunrite Bullet Proof Vest MF'D by The Detective Pub. Co. " Slide out bullet proof extension to protect an officers lower regions. Lead plates on ...

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Image of Wagon, Delivery - 1982.093.01

Wagon, Delivery - 1982.093.01

Milk wagon, used to deliver milk in La Crosse for the Charles Hass Dairy. Originally pulled by two horses. The original 2 horse draw for it is no longer available; the draw with the wagon now is meant for a single horse.

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Image of Watch, Pocket - 1930.019.07

Watch, Pocket - 1930.019.07

This is a silver colored watch. It has a plain back and the numbers are in roman numerals. The face of the watch states, "Elgin Nat'l Watch Co." Inside of watch is engraved "JH Weston La Crosse, WI" Watch serial number: 303207.

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Image of Watch, Pocket - 1961.005.01

Watch, Pocket - 1961.005.01

Watch of General Gysbert Van Steenwyk. Watch is gold with an intricate carved floral design. The watch face has Roman numberals.

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Image of Wheelbarrow - 1997.163.01

Wheelbarrow - 1997.163.01

Wheelbarrow made of wood with a metal wheel. There are slots on the sides that connect to the base to form the sides.

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Image of Whistle - 1990.021.08

Whistle - 1990.021.08

Boatswain's Whistle, World War II

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Image of Wrench - WE.2010.1.574

Wrench - WE.2010.1.574

Metal wrench. 36 cm x 21.5. There is a metal handle with " L A C P. Co" stamped on the side. The handle attaches to a cylinder which has one pointed end and the other with a hole for a nut. The cyliner is also marked "L A C P. Co". There is a washer between the handle and half of the cylinder.

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Image of Wrench - WE.2010.1.663

Wrench - WE.2010.1.663

Metal wrench, 51 cm long. The end tapers to a punch.

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